Teacher of the Year - Rebecca Schlafer-Miller

Rebecca Schlafer-Miller, Markham Elementary School's Teacher of the Year
Posted on 02/06/2024
Becky Schlafer, Markham Elementary fifth grade teacherWe proudly announce that Rebecca Schlafer-Miller is our 2023-2024 Teacher of the Year at Edwin Markham Elementary School. 

Rebecca Schlafer-Miller is an exceptional educator with many positive qualities that make her stand. Her colleagues have highlighted her dedication, collaboration, leadership, and commitment to her students and colleagues.

Her willingness to offer help and serve as a mentor underscores her commitment to supporting her students and her fellow educators. She helps others implement curriculum and also supports teachers in guiding students with behaviors.

Rebecca creates and shares resources with others, demonstrating a collaborative spirit and a desire to contribute to the collective growth and success of the educational community. 

She is an exceptionally talented teacher who delivers effective and engaging lessons, positively impacting her students' learning experiences. She often teaches a visual and comprehensive lesson, chunking content,  that reaches all students' learning modalities.

Her dedication shows a strong work ethic and a genuine passion for education, as does her leadership position as a grade-level leader and leader of the after-school She Wolf Cub program. She often takes on responsibilities beyond the classroom, including hosting a homework club to support students who need help outside regular class hours. 

Becky has a positive attitude, especially in challenging situations. She contributes to a healthy and supportive learning environment for students and colleagues. Her smiling, welcoming and playful demeanor has a significant impact on the overall morale of both her own classroom and the school community at large.

These qualities collectively paint a picture of a teacher who excels in her role and actively contributes to the growth and well-being of the educational community. 

-- Luci Del Rio, Principal, Edwin Markham Elementary School
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